Is Speedy Mike's a touchless car wash?

Nope! Speedy Mike's is a hybrid wash that incorporates the high-pressure spray components of a touchless wash with the soft touch elements of a friction wash - the best of both worlds! We exclusively use closed cell foam on our state-of-the-art equipment, and our 100% safe biodegradable car washing chemicals safely remove soils from your vehicle without any worries of damaging or scratching your vehicles finish.

What type of vehicles can you wash?

We accept most cars, vans and trucks up to 84 inches in height and must have at least a 4-inch ground clearance. Unfortunately, we cannot wash trucks with dual wheels. We guarantee the safety of all factory-installed equipment in proper working order.

Can you wash my pickup truck?

Most of the time, yes! We ask that the pickup bed be empty before going through the wash. This is for the safety of your vehicle and those of other customers. Also, some side mirrors are incompatible with our process and certain types of modifications that employ oversized or off-road tires or radically raised suspensions may not be compatible.

Will my convertible be safe going through your wash?

Yes! Please make sure that the roof is properly latched.

Will my bug shield be OK?

Unfortunately, we can't be responsible for aftermarket accessories. Although our wash process is extremely safe, problems can arise if the shield has already been damaged by rock chips or by stress cracks around the installation screws (which can be hard to detect), or if it is made from low-grade plastic.

Can I keep my trailer hitch in?

Trailer hitches will not be harmed by our equipment. However, to allow our wraps to give you the best quality wash possible for the rear of your vehicle, we recommend removing a hitch if possible. Also, hitch receptacle plug inserts should be removed prior to washing as they may break or come loose in the wash process.

Do you clean the inside of my vehicle?

Interior cleaning is not a service that we offer at Speedy Mike's. However, we do have FREE VACUUMS for you to use right on site. Our self-service vacuums are complementary to every guest and are available during business hours. Trash cans are conveniently located in every vacuum stall for larger items. As a courtesy to others, please limit vacuuming time to 10 minutes during busy times.

What kind of soaps and chemicals do you use?

We proudly use industry leading Simoniz soaps and waxes in our wash packages.

Do you have towels to dry my vehicle after my wash?

We do not provide towels, but are proud to offer a state-of-the-art shammy drying machine after the blow-dryers in our tunnel. This machine wraps your vehicle with fast-spinning shammy towels that wipe away any excess water.

Is it worth it to join the Unlimited Club?

It's totally up to you! If you only intend to wash your vehicle every once in a while, it is probably a better value to purchase individual washes. However, if you want to have the freedom to wash your car whenever you want, then it's absolutely worth it! Our unlimited club pays for itself in as little as two washes a month.

How does the family plan work?

Family plans are available for customers who have multiple vehicles in their household and want the convenience of managing them under the same account at Speedy Mike's. With a family plan, the first vehicle is full price and every other vehicle on the account is discounted 20% for our unlimited club membership. Example for Basic unlimited plan: Car 1: $19.95 Car 2: $15.96 Car 3: $15.96 Example for Premium unlimited plan: Car 1: $29.95 Car 2: $23.96 Car 3: $23.96 * Max of 4 vehicles per family plan account

How much water is used per wash?

We are committed to reserving water while still making sure your car is as clean as possible! As a proud member of the International Car Wash Association’s Water Savers program, our wash is designed to use no more than 40 gallons of fresh water on average across our wash packages. Further, we recycle 85% of the water used in our tunnel through our custom designed water reclamation and treatment system.

Will there be employees on site?

Absolutely! While fully automated, Speedy Mike's will always have team members on-site to help with purchases, guide cars onto the conveyor belt, and attend to any of your needs. We are passionate about serving our customers, so we would love to know if there is a way we can serve you better.

What happens if I think my car was damaged?

Let us know! If anything happens to your vehicle in our wash, we will be happy to explore the incident for you to see what happened and make it right if we are at fault. Note that all damage claims need to be reported to Speedy Mike's no later than 24 hours after the incident.